Meet the Team

  • Mrs Young (Early Learning Childcare area support manager)
  • Mrs Laing (Early Years Officer)
  • Mrs Burke  EYP
  • Mrs Harris  EYP
  • Miss Smith EYP
  • Mrs Atcheson  EYP
  • Miss Rae EYP
  • Mr White EYP
  • Ms Ceal EYP
  • Miss Ross Equity and Excellence Lead
  • Mrs Cheyne (PSW)

Early Learning Centre Times

Full day sessions 

Morning session

8am - 6 pm (2 full days)

8.00am-12.45pm (Monday - Thursday)

Afternoon session

1.15 pm - 6pm (Monday - Thursday)

Letham Primary School and Early Learning Centre

We have been awarded a breastfeeding nursery focusing on how we can promote a breastfeeding friendly culture.  Staff have received training and we have written a breastfeeding policy for the nursery. It is known that breastfeeding can have enormous benefit to the health of both the mother and the child. However, as well as "knowing the benefits", supportive environments are needed to enable and support breastfeeding.

Icon for pdf Nursery Breastfeeding policy [76.27KB]

At Letham Early Learning Centre we:

  • Use positive and culturally appropriate images of breastfeeding
  • Avoid materials which promote artificial feeding
  • Provide appropriate education and training for staff to enable them to promote, protect and support breastfeeding
  • Increase awareness of sources of support and information for breastfeeding families
  • Provide a welcoming atmosphere for breastfeeding families and to encourage breastfeeding in the public areas of the establishment
  • Support informed choice in relation to infant feeding.

For information on what you can be doing with your child if they are unable to attend Nursery please visit for useful links etc